Matthew Walsh's Story

This website is dedicated to the memory of Matthew Thomas Walsh who was murdered on August 31, 2008 in front of his home in St. Louis, Missouri. What can we possibly say about someone who was such a big part of our lives? Words alone can’t describe the pain that we all felt and are still feeling as a result of his death. This is something that we will all be dealing with for the rest of our lives. We hope and pray that time will ease the pain and make it more bearable. Unfortunately, we aren’t the only family to lose a loved one to murder. It happens all the time. This website is our way of dealing with our grief. Some of you reading this knew Matthew but others may not have known him. Either way, he deserves to be honored and remembered for all that he was and all that he accomplished in his 23 years with us.

This marks the 6th anniversary of Matthew’s murder. His case is still classified as a cold case and is featured on the St. Louis Metropolitan Police website (Case Number 08-057749).

While it is evident that much time has passed, the pain and grief of losing him is sometimes as fresh as if it happended yesterday.  Recent events in Ferguson, MO have stirred up our feelings of anguish, frustration, and outrage. No one should lose a child regardless of age or reason and we feel for the parents of the young man killed. But our son was also innocent; he was just returning home from work looking forward to the Labor Day weekend with his family. However, there was no media attention given to Matthew’s murder and we are left with wondering, “Why?” Why were we the only ones who cared? Why was he taken from us? We have no answers but we remain hopeful that his case will be solved. We appreciate all of our family and friends who have continued to remember us in their thoughts and prayers.

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